[FR] openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 – Yogyakarta Indonesia

On June 6th, 2016 Indonesia has been chosen as the next place for the openSUSE Asia Summit. The committee opened Call For Paper from June 22th, 2016 until August 3rd, 2016. After reading the announcement I started to write a paper about Clustering Docker with Docker Swarm on openSUSE

Fortunately, my paper was chosen as one of accepted papers. Hence, I became one of the Speakers for the conference. I felt so excited, to support my presentation I made some experiments on Docker’s Clustering


After that, I applied for financial support to the openSUSE.
The committee accepted my travel support proposal, Yeah! but with some minor changes πŸ˜›

On the day before the actual main event. I, along with my other 9 friends from GNU/Linux Bogor , left from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by train (Taksaka Pagi). The journey to Yogyakarta took around 8 hours.


On the next day, there was the pre summit (Day0) where I attended the workshop as a participant with Aris.

After that, on tomorrow afternoon (Day1) it was the schedule for my presentation


The second day (Day2), I follow some sessions and then I meet a lot of new people πŸ™‚




with Geeko


After the main event has finished the local committee planed for us One Day Trip to Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple and Malioboro


In the end, the whole event was such a good and fun experience for me!
I hope i can attend on the next Summit.

You can see more pictures on Flickr. Video available at YouTube.

Thank you, Matur Suwun, Terima kasih! πŸ˜€